Are all the products from the retail store available on the e-commerce web site?

That is the long term goal.

In our initial phase, which we are currently in, we will be adding kits from our Collections as well as products from our retail store.

We will be moving slowly at first to ensure that we get the ordering and shipping processes correct. As we become more comfortable with the e-commerce processes we will increase the speed at which Collection kits and products from the retail store are added to the e-commerce web site.

Do you build models on commission?

We do not provide this service right now.

Do you buy collections of model kits?

Yes we do. We pay a fair price outright for collections large or small.

Collection must be unbuilt models only.

We do NOT accept collections on consignment.

Please feel free to contact us via email ( regarding the details of your collection and we will respond as quickly as possible. please provide pictures and condition level of the boxes as well

How can I order product if I live in Quebec?

We are now shipping to Quebec.  Orders can be placed in a normal manner.  Due to the changing requirements of the QST tax laws in the province of Quebec we will STOP shipping to the Province of Quebec if and when we reach the limit set by the Quebec government, for non-provincially registered companies, of $ 30,000.  Above the $ 30,000 we would have to register with the Province of Quebec and provide financial reporting, which would be an onerous obligation which a company our size cannot have.