New arrivals - July 19, 2013

New kits from ICM and MiniArt. Canadian FR Spitfire decals from Aviaeology, German camouflage patterns from Tauro, and P-61 nose art from Zotz. MiG-29 mask from Eduard. Couple of books from ADH and PEKO.

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New arrivals - July 17, 2013

New Lotus 49 and Citroen from Ebbro, big Tempest from PCM, Atomic Airliner from Aoshima, set of WWI machine guns from Williams, and four more limited editions from Hasegawa. One small wooden ship from Mamoli in their 'mini' line.

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New from Caracal Models - July 12, 2013

Number of new decal sheets from Caracal. Subjects include MiG-29, F-15C, T-45C, AV-8A/C, H-34, A-6A/E, A-10C, and F-4C/D.

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New arrivals - July 12, 2013

A few new items from Airfix - new tool Gladiator, along with the Vosper, Monty's Humber, and a couple of diorama buildings in 1/32. Couple of new bits, and a number of reissues from Italeri. Six new books from Pen&Sword and a Pocket Space Guide by Apogee.

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New arrivals - July 11, 2013

New kits from Panda, Polar Lights, and AMT.

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New arrivals - July 9, 2013

New kits from Dragon, Meng, RS Models, and Showcase Models Australia. Resin bits from AeroBonus; PE from Eduard; tyres from a new "supply line" from Meng. Books from CW and Kagero. Couple of new tools from Trumpeter / Master Tools.

First issue of Abrams Squad - a new magazine dedicated to modern armour modelling.

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New from Leading Edge - July 5, 2013

New decal releases from Leading Edge Models - a brand new CF-18 "Fighter Group" Hornet, and a re-printed CAF C-47.


New arrivals - July 4, 2013

New version of Jaguar from KittyHawk, Prostar truck from Moebius, and eight more kits from HobbyBoss. EagleCals Birdcage Corsair decals (3 parts in each scale). Battle Colors book vol.5 from Schiffer.

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Store closed July 1, 2013

closed signWe will be closed on Canada Day  - Monday, July 1st. Regular hours on Sunday and back to normal on Tuesday.


Tamiya 1/32 Corsair

tamiya 1/32 f4u-1 corsair boxartTamiya's latest 1/32 über-kit will be in stock on Friday, June 28, 2013. This is an early air shipment from Japan and there will be very limited quantities available.

#60324: 1/32 Vought F4U-1 Corsair 'Birdcage'

Please read the complete post for details on pricing, ordering and shipping. These will go fast so get yours quickly if you must have one now!

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New arrivals - June 27, 2013

The Voodoo that Revell do is finally back, albeit without the Canadian decals in the box this time. A number of other Revell releases as well, and the July issue of SAM.

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New arrivals - June 26, 2013

New kits from Dragon, Fly, ICM, Kinetic, Master Box, MiniArt, Roden and Trumpeter. Decal sheet from Xtradecal. Books from Histoire, SAM, Stackpole, Valiant Wings, and Osprey.

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