Basement opening day

basement grand opening

Basement retail space, chock-full of collections kits, will open on:

Thursday, DECEMBER 26, 2013


Store closed October 14, 2013

closed signWe will be closed on Thanksgiving Day  - Monday, October 14. Regular hours on Sunday and back to normal on Tuesday.


Store closed September 2, 2013

WWH will be closed on Labour Day - Monday, September 2.

Store closed August 5, 2013

WWH will be closed for civic holiday on Monday, August 5.

Store closed July 1, 2013

closed signWe will be closed on Canada Day  - Monday, July 1st. Regular hours on Sunday and back to normal on Tuesday.


Basement renovations - June 25, 2013

renovations iconAs those of you who have been to the store in the past 6 weeks or so know already, we have started some major renovations in the basement in May. Our goal is to open the back part of the 'dungeon' to public as part of the retail store. This area should house a couple thousand more kits that we simply have no space for on the main floor anymore.


Rainy Day SALE

sale iconDuring the rain storms earlier this week we've had a bit of a leak from the roof into our retail space - as a result, there is a number of kits that have suffered (mostly) minor water damage. Below is a list of the kits we're putting on sale at either 20% or 40% OFF, depending on the condition.

Note: NO holds. First-come, first-served. All of the sales kits available for mail orders as usual.

Complete list...

Store closed May 20, 2013

closed iconWWH will be closed on 'Victoria Day' Monday, May 20.

Website updated - May 1, 2013

website update iconFew small tweaks, and a couple of pages added to the website:

»» list of a frequently asked questions
»» page with mail order information


Phone line issues (April 2013)

technical difficultiesJust a quick note that we're still experiencing some problems with our phone line. We apologize to anyone who has called in recently and had difficulties talking to us. We should be fully switched to a brand new line on Wednesday, April 17.


Additional information