Rainy Day SALE

sale iconDuring the rain storms earlier this week we've had a bit of a leak from the roof into our retail space - as a result, there is a number of kits that have suffered (mostly) minor water damage. Below is a list of the kits we're putting on sale at either 20% or 40% OFF, depending on the condition.

Note: NO holds. First-come, first-served. All of the sales kits available for mail orders as usual.


*** NO LONGER UPDATED. There are a few items remaining in our sales bins. ***



x - marks sold items (updates on the sold status are not real time; check time-stamp above)



20% OFF

The following kits only had their boxes damaged - all of the contents, including decals are in 100% condition.


x 02831: 1/48 MiG-3 Late version

x 80326: 1/72 F-8P Crusader

Czech Model: (1/48)

4803: Bell XP-77
4812: Grumman JRF Goose
4819: Bamboo Bomber UC-78/JRC-1/T-50

ACADEMY: (1/35)

12117: US Army RQ-7B UAV

ACADEMY: (1/72)

1604: C-97A Stratofreighter
1605: KC-97G Flying Boom Tanker
x 1660: Fw 190-D9
x 1653: Bf 109G-14
1667: P-51B Mustang [x2]
2112: B-50D Superfortress
2113: KB-29P Tanker
x 2133: Bf 109E
2209: P-38J Lightning "Pacific Theater"
x 2214: Bf 109E-3/4
12403: F-89D Scorpion
12413: B-29A Super Fortress 'Korean War'
12415: F-16CG/CJ
12417: IL-2 'Stormovik' [x2]
12425: F-16C ANG
12436: B-17G '15th Air Force' (Special Ed.)
x 12468: P-40E

ACADEMY: (1/48)

1674: F-111C RAAF
x 2116: MiG-29A Fulcrum A
2147: F4U-1D Corsair
x 2155: P-47N Thunderbolt
x 2159: P-47D Thunderbolt
2161: Spitfire Fr.Mk.XIVe
2179: P-26A/C Peashooter
x 2185: T-33A Shooting Star
x 2211: P-47D "Nose Art"
x 12216: Bf 109E-3 "Heinz Bar" (Ltd. Ed.)
12220: F-111C RAAF (Special Ed.)
12224: MiG-21MF Polish Air Force (Ltd. Ed.)
x 12238: P-36A/C/Mohawk Mk.IV 'Pearl Harbor' (Ltd. Ed.)
x 12242: ROKAF T-50B Black Eagle

SkunkModels: (1/32)

32002: NC-8A Mobile Electric Power Plant

SkunkModels: (1/48)

48009: RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV [x2]
48011: HH-60H Rescue Hawk
x 48013: MQ-9 Reaper UAV
48015: WWII USN Wooden Deck Display Base [x1]
x 48020: USN Nimitz Deck w/ Jet Blast Deflector and Catapult



40% OFF

The following kits have had the decals soaked, some more than others. Great deal if you already have decals, or want a kit for parts or practice.


x 1620: 1/72 F-16A
x 2176: 1/72 A6M5c Zero

729203: 1/72 Ju-88S-3/T-3

Czech Model:
x 4812: 1/48 Grumman JRF Goose
4816: 1/48 Ryan XF2R-1 Dark Shark
4817: 1/48 Curtiss SO3C Seamew floatplane

80337: 1/72 F-16A/B
80365: 1/72 AS 532 Cougar

48005: 1/48 MD-3 Navy Tractor (long) & A/S32A-32 Tractor Combo

x 02237: 1/32 Me 262 B-1a/U1

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