Now in stock - Kamizukuri seatbelts

kamizukuri seatbelts  



New line of beautiful aircraft seatbelts from Japan. Made of "fiber material" and/or "kraft paper" with great detail for a realistic look.

Currently available: WWII sets for Japanese, British, German and US aircraft; all in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scales.

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Now in stock - Aizu Micron Tape

AIZU micron masking tape  

Now available from AIZU: Micron Masking Tape


  • 2001-1: 0.4 mm width
  • 2001-2: 0.7 mm width
  • 2001-3: 1.0 mm width
  • 2001-4: 1.5 mm width
  • 2001-5: 2.5 mm width


Now available - GREX Airbush Equipment

We're very excited to offer a Toronto area hobby-shop exclusive - full line of GREX professional airbrush products. While not too well known around here yet, GREX have been producing high-end airbrushes for some years now, and are steadily gaining in popularity. We will be carrying the full line of their standard and pistol-style airbrushes, as well as compressors, accessories, adapters, and replacement parts.

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Now available - Contrails Models resin

  We now stock a line of nice 1/144 resin accessories (including some ground vehicles), upgrades and conversions for airliners from Contrails Models.

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DRAW Decals in stock

Draw decals

We've just received a large new shipment of DRAW Decals, including the newly released Air Canada E-175. DRAW Decals have a huge selection of mostly airliner decals, with a number of Canadian subjects - WestJet, Air Canada, Zoom, Canada 3000, Air Transat, AirBC, Wagair, Trans Provincial. We keep all of the Canadian items stocked, along with a selection of interesting and colourful liveries from around the world.

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Now in stock - Caracal Models decals

  We now have a selection of Caracal Models decals available - nicely done sheets printed by either Microscale or Cartograf. Included are 1/48 Harvard II and S-2 Tracker markings for Canada.

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Now in stock - Hussar Productions decals and resin

We now stock all available items from Hussar Productions - these include interesting aircraft and armour decal sheets, and beautifully molded resin wheels and accessories for military vehicles.

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Now in stock - ILIAD Design


We now have the full current catalogue of ILIAD Design from Ottawa available and in stock. There's a number of unique decal sheets in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, colour charts with real paint chips, and their 'Colors of the Falcons' book.

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Now available - BELCHER BITS resin and decals

We're very excited to now offer the full line of Belcher Bits products. We have over 40 different items in stock, and the rest available for order.

  • 1/72 and 1/48 resin conversions, full kits
  • 1/72 and 1/48 Canadian decals (printed by Microscale)

Included are the new releases:

  • 1/72: Bomarc B (Canadian version), Bomarc launcher
  • 1/48: CS2F Tracker conversion, post-war RCAF Harvard decals, Japanese road roller

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Now available - LEADING EDGE Models decals


We now have the full current catalogue of Leading Edge Models  decals available and in stock. These are high quality decal sheets that cover Canadian Air Force and other Canadian subjects, including the now-famous Buffalo Airways DC-3 from "Ice Pilots."


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