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We now have the full current catalogue of ILIAD Design from Ottawa available and in stock. There's a number of unique decal sheets in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, colour charts with real paint chips, and their 'Colors of the Falcons' book.



  • ILP01 "Colors of the Falcons" (Soviet Aircraft Camouflage and Markings in WWII)

- chronology of camouflage schemes and colours used on Soviet aircraft during WWII
- colour schemes, markings, special and non-standard schemes, interior finishes, and more
- 56 pages of text and photos on heavy coated paper, plus laminated card cover
- 4 pages of colour profile art
- reproductions of the aircraft camouflage patterns as provided in the official 1943 and 1945 VVS camouflage orders.

1/48 DECALS:

  • 48001 Pre-War Hawker Hurricanes
  • 48006 Early Messerschmitt Bf 109Es
  • 48007 Silver Spitfires
  • 48008 Russian Civil War Nieuports
  • 48010 Texans & Harvards
  • 48011 Gladiators in North Africa
  • 48012 MiG-15UTIs
  • 48014 Early P-40s/Tomahawks
  • 48015 Strange Hurricanes
  • 48016 Messerschmitt Bf 110D & E
  • 48018 Oddball Spitfires
  • 48019 Special OPs Skyraiders
  • 48020 Starfighters in Combat
  • 48022 Milestone Phantoms
  • 48023 Canadian-built Mosquitos
  • 48024 Air National Guard Mustangs

1/72 DECALS:

  • 72001 ASW B-24 Liberators
  • 72002 Oddball Spitfires
  • 72003 Camouflaged B-29s
  • 72005 Colorful B-26s
  • 72006 Strange Hurricanes
  • 72008 Lockheed P-38J/L
  • 72009 Pre-War Spitfires



"Each set of pages provides ACTUAL PAINT CHIPS (not just printed reproductions) for the colours and schemes described! These have been carefully researched and produced to match the original factory production colours as closely as possible. Each Aircraft Colour Chart set also provides brief chronological descriptions of the various camouflage schemes as they evolved, and also one or more pages depicting typical camouflage patterns for the schemes covered. The heavy card stock pages are drilled for insertion into either a 3-ring or an ISO binder, and the assembled collection will provide you with a superb colour reference."

  • CC001 RAF Day Fighters, Northern Europe
  • CC002 Luftwaffe Early & Mid-war Fighters
  • CC003 USAAF & USN WW II Training Aircraft
  • CC004 Fleet Air Arm - WW II Royal Navy Aircraft
  • CC005 Polish Air Force - 1930s and 1939 Campaign
  • CC006 US Navy WW II Carrier Aircraft
  • CC007 RAF Tropical/Desert Colours
  • CC008 USAAF, European Theater
  • CC009 Condor Legion Aircraft
  • CC010 French Air Force, WW II
  • CC011 Luftwaffe, Desert/Mediterranean
  • CC012 Japanese Naval Air Force
  • CC013 USAAF Photo Recon
  • CC014 RAF Photo Recon
  • CC015 USAAF North Africa


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