Now available - Contrails Models resin

  We now stock a line of nice 1/144 resin accessories (including some ground vehicles), upgrades and conversions for airliners from Contrails Models.


* Below items are in stock (all in 1/144 scale), full catalogue available for order.


Complete fuselage replacements/conversions:

  • CM44-A318-FF    Airbus A318 Fuselage and Tail Fin
  • CM44-737-700    B737-700 Fuselage and Tail Fin


Wings / extended flaps / winglets:

  • CM44-A3N-FLP    Airbus A321    Extended Flaps and Spoilers
  • CM44-A3N-FLP    Airbus A318/319/320    Extended Flaps and Spoilers
  • CM44-737-BW    B737NG Blended Winglets (correction for Revell)
  • CM44-767-BW    B767 Blended Winglets
  • CM44-777-RW    B777 Raked Winglets


Nose / cockpit corrections:

  • CM44-707-N     B707 Cockpit section replacement (for Minicraft 707's)
  • CM44-777-WS    B777 Cockpit section correction



  • CM44-737-NG    B737NG   CFM56 (x2) B737-600/700/800/900 (replacement for Revell)
  • CM44-737-NGRV     B737NG   CFM56-7 Engines with Reverser Deployed


  • CM44-737-WEG    B737-700 Wedgetail conversion (goes with DRAW decal set to make a Korean, Australian, or Turkish aircraft)
  • CM44-TV   Set of Antennas (fit's both narrow and wide bodied aircraft (9 pieces))


Ground Equipment:

  • CM44-Air Stairs
  • CM44-Fuel Truck
  • CM44-Ford Van
  • CM44-Tow Bar
  • CM44-Lav Truck
  • CM44-Bag Cart Tug and (3) Bag Carts


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