New Model Shipways - October 26, 2012


Model Shipways plank-on-frame kits:


  • Bluenose schooner (comes with deluxe tool set, how-to book, paint set, brush set, and glue)
  • Bounty Launch





MS2130 1:64 - Bluenose Canadian Schooner

  • Length 32" / Height 26-1/2" / Scale 3/16" = 1 ft (1:64)
  • the most authentic representation of the Bluenose
  • newly drawn plans and revised instruction book
  • laser cut basswood parts - flexible basswood strips for planking the hull
  • fittings are true to the originals, and include wooden blocks and deadeyes, brass ring and eyebolts, plus Britannia metal bilge pump, fife rail and anchors
  • three diameters of rigging line and cotton sailcloth

Comes as a set with:

  • deluxe hobby tool set
  • "How to build first-rate ship models" book
  • set of necessary paints
  • set of brushes
  • glue



MS1850 1:16 - Bounty Launch

  • Length 17-1/4" / Height 14-3/4" / Beam 5-3/8" / Scale 3/4" = 1’ (1:16)
  • kit is based on original plans from the Nautical Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England
  • features true plank-on-frame construction with laser cut wooden components, laser engraved rabbet and bearding lines
  • cherry wood for the frames and deck beams
  • hull and quarterdeck planking, floorboards and mold stiffeners are flexible basswood
  • fitting package replicates authentic gear, including ten oars, eight lathe turned wooden barrels, wooden chest, cast metal anchor, brass gudgeons and pintles
  • cotton sails and cordage
  • five sheets of plans and illustrated instruction manual

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