New Boeing 737 from BPK - August 3, 2013

BPK 1/72 Boeing 737-200 Canadian North box art

  New 1/72 Boeing 737-200 release from Big Plane Kits - this time in Canadian North  livery.


The long wait is over and we have the beautiful Canadian North boxing of the impressive 1/72 Boeing 737-200 from BPK in stock.

  • BPK 7202: 1/72 'Canadian North'


*** Please note that pricing and availability information listed here only applied at the time of the original post, and is not current. ***


As of this posting, there are still a few left after all the pre-orders were taken care of. If you would like to order yours, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call during our business hours.

The kits are $110,- CAD and shipping (for a single kit) as follows:

- Ontario: $7,-

- rest of Canada: $10,-

- mainland USA: $16,-


We're told that the previous releases should still be available for order (no more in stock at this time), so if you're interested in one of the following, please get your order in before they are all gone:

  • BPK 7201: 1/72 Boeing 737-200 'Piedmont'
  • BPK 7204: 1/72 Boeing 737-200 'Pan Am'
  • BPK 7205: 1/72 Boeing T-43A


And, of course, the TwoSix decals for this kit are available as well if you're looking for some different options (72-05 through 72-09 in stock):

  • LS72-01: Pan Am
  • LS72-02: Pan Am Billboard
  • LS72-03: Britannia Airways (1970s)
  • LS72-04: Britannia Airways (1980s)
  • LS72-05: British Airways
  • LS72-06: CP Air
  • LS72-07: Transavia Holland
  • LS72-08: Lufthansa
  • LS72-09: Sabena




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