Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of a few questions we get asked all the time. This will be updated as necessary.


» Do you do mail orders? If so, how do I place an order?

  • Yes. We currently don't have an online store; please see the mail order info page for details.


» Do you sell R/C cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and parts?

  • No.


» Do you sell diecast cars, aircraft, etc.?

  • No.


» Do you sell trains, train sets?

  • No.


» Do you sell rockets, engines, etc.?

  • We do not sell these anymore.


» Do you sell puzzles?

  • No. (We can, however, special order a number of Sunsout items.)


» Do you build models on commission?

  • We do not provide this service as a store.


» Do you buy collections of model kits?

  • Yes we do. We pay a fair price outright for collections large or small. Unbuilt models only. No consignments.

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