Grex Fan Spray Caps in stock

grex fan spray capNew addition from Grex to their airbrush accessory lineup - Fan Spray Caps.

Available in 3 sizes, these allow you to turn your TG, TS, XGi and XSi airbrushes into miniature spray guns.



"Inspired by full sized spray guns, the Grex Fran Spray Cap transforms your airbrush into a 'mini spray gun' allowing for more efficient, quicker and even coverage of larger areas. This changes the standard round spray pattern of an airbrush into an elongated fan spray pattern of a spray gun. A very useful and desired trait for laying down even coverage with less passes."


For use with Tritium.TG, Tritium.TS, Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi airbrushes.

Individual fan caps are to be used with a matching size nozzle on your existing airbrush. There will also be complete nozzle/needle/cap sets if you want to go to a different size (not in stock yet at the time of this post):



  • TF-3: 0.3 mm Fan Spray Cap
  • TF-5: 0.5 mm Fan Spray Cap
  • TF-7: 0.7 mm Fan Spray Cap
  • TFK-3: 0.3 mm Fan Spray Cap with Nozzle Kit
  • TFK-5: 0.5 mm Fan Spray Cap with Nozzle Kit
  • TFK-7: 0.7 mm Fan Spray Cap with Nozzle Kit


grex xsi with fan spray cap

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