Vallejo Metal Color

vallejo metal color bottles


We have finally received a small shipment of Vallejo acrylic Metal Color line - a range of water-based metallic colors, especially designed for airbrushing.


Included are 16 colours along with a primer and a varnish.



Introduction: "Metal Color is a new range of water-based metallic colors, especially designed for airbrushing. In the development of these new and innovative metallic colors,  the latest generation of aluminum pigments has been used in a specifically designed formula which results in a series of colors of exceptional resistance and adherence to plastics and metal. Metal Color can be applied directly on models without the need for the use of a primer, although in the case of fuselages and components for airplane models it is recommended to first apply a glossy Black Primer to bring forth the unique and special quality of the aluminum finish. The range of Metal Color consists of 19 references, available in 32ml. bottles with a flip top/eyedropper closure."


Vallejo Metal Color:

PDF colour chart

  • 77701: Aluminum
  • 77702: Duraluminum
  • 77703: Dark Aluminum
  • 77704: Pale Burnt Metal
  • 77706: White Aluminum
  • 77710: Copper
  • 77711: Magnesium
  • 77712: Steel
  • 77713: Jet Exhaust
  • 77716: Semi-Matte Aluminum
  • 77717: Dull Aluminum
  • 77720: Gunmetal Grey
  • 77721: Burnt Iron
  • 77723: Exhaust Manifold
  • 77724: Silver
  • 77725: Gold
  • 77657: Gloss Metal Varnish
  • 77660: Gloss Black Primer

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